While looking into the histories of our various connected families, including where they came from and how they lived, much of the emphasis of this website is on my homeland, Australia.

Australia's indigenous people have lived in Australia for an estimated 60,000 years. However modern Australia is a country of immigrants such that by 2016 the Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that Australian Aboringinals or Torres Strait Islanders made up only 3.1% (a total of 759,705) of Australia's population. 

Looking back at world history, it was inevitable during the period of European colonisation that traditional owners of the various lands invaded and occupied would experience degrees of genocide and be displaced from their homelands.This happened in Australia and accordingly I would like to acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land I call home.


European settlement of Australia started in 1788 when convicts were transported from Great Britain. Transportation continued to some states for the next 80 years resulting in more than 160,000 men, women and children being shipped to the southern continent.

The following is a list of those transported who are most closely related to our Connected Families.

Convicts transported to Australia
PersonDate ArrivedTransportedHistory
Davis, Eleanor7-Jul-1791arriving in Sydney on "Mary Anne" in the Third Fleet, and became pregnant on the voyageTried in London and convicted for stealing clothing and sentence to 7 years transportation for stealing some clothing and other items, to the value of 26s. 7d.
Mahon, Andrew24-Dec-1818at Sydneyarrived Sydney "Martha", prisonerPossible convict
Russell, Jacob21-Aug-1791arriving in Sydney "Salamader" as a prisoner on the Third Fleetsentenced to 7 years transportation for a 7 year term for stealing some shoes and tools from a shop in his home town at age of 18 years
Seaton, Alexander28-Jun-1790at Sydneyon "Scarborough" (Third Fleet), prisoner 46th Regiment, NSW Army Corp transferred Parramatta to TasmaniaTried in London with George Lee and George Connoway for theft of 2 bullocks valued at £20. He was aged 16 years at time. Sentenced to death, later commuted to
transportation for life.
Sherringham, Robert14-Dec-1801arriving in Sydney on the ship "Minorca" as a convictcharged with stealing from the shop of Edmund Sinclair of Little Walfingham, 2 pairs of half-boots, 2 pairs pumps or shoes and several working tools.
convicted and sentenced to 7 years transportation
his certificate of emancipation was issued


Since 1788, Australian history is one of immigration and as a result our connected families have many ancestors who travelled to Australia to find a better life. Hence the bulk of the modern Australian population come from all corners of the world through various waves of immigration.

The following list may not be complete but represents those immigrants who are some of our closest relations.

PersonWhere BornArrival AtDetails
Andrews, Samuel27-Jul-1839at Sydneyon "Strathfieldsaye" with their three children
Armitage, JosephAshton under Lyne, Lancashire, EnglandB27-Jul-1849at Sydneyand relatives in the colony listed "cousin George Hyde at Port Phillip"
Austen, AnnKent, EnglandB
Birkett, MaryBurnley, Lancashire, EnglandB
Black, AndrewBallymena, Antrim, IrelandB19-Oct-1838at SydneyAndrew Black, Ann McClusky, their three children, John, Agnes and Hugh emigrated to Australia as government assisted migrants on board the 'Mandarin', arriving on the 19th October, 1838.
The total passenger count was:
Children 7 to 14 years:36
Children under 7 years:97
There were, however, 11 deaths on the voyage.
Bray, CorneliusSouthampton Row, Portsea, Hampshire, EnglandB28-Jul-1853at Sydneyon barque "St George"
Briscoe, AnnieKilkenny, IrelandB29-Jan-1888at Brisbaneon the ship "Maryborough"
Briscoe, Helena18-Sep-1890at Brisbaneon the ship "Jumna"
Briscoe, Henry HarrisonTramore, Waterford, IrelandBcirca Mar-1865based on his death certificate stating about 50 years in New South Wales and 1 year in Victoria.

In early 1865 Annie had developed a lung disease and the young Briscoes migrated to Australia arriving in Melbourne in about April of that year. They lived at 2 Nicholson Street, Fitzroy, where Annie’s condition deteriorated and she died on 1 January 1866. The following day she was buried in Melbourne cemetery. She was only 27 years old. Annie’s death certificate also indicates that she had a child, Henry Harrison, who had died but no other record of this child has been found.
Briscoe, Wilhemina6-May-1885at Brisbaneon the ship "Duke of Argyll"
Bruce, ThomasPerth, ScotlandB
Bryant, WilliamKent, EnglandB26-Jun-1838at SydneyThe 'Westminster's log also shows that another Bryant family was on board at the time. Samuel Bryant, a farm labourer, aged 38, his wife Sarah 32, and children - Jane 15, Mary Ann 14, William 9 (died at sea), Rhuben 6, and Samuel 1.
Cavanagh, Mary JaneArmagh, IrelandBcirca 1839"56 years in N S Wales"
Cole, WilliamTonbridge, Kent, EnglandB1-Jul-1838at Sydneyon the "Amelia Thompson"
Crook, AlbertStroud, Gloucestershire, EnglandB
Dawson, John Henry Roberts11-Jul-1884at Sydneyon ship "Abergeldie"
Dollin, Henry1855Possible arrival in Australia
Dollin, RobertSep-1857at Sydneyon the "Lady Catherine" from California
Dollin, Thomas
Donkin, WilliamRothbury, Northumberland, EnglandB31-Aug-1837at SydneyArrived on board the "City of Edinburgh" with his wife Jane and children Edward, Mary, Ann (Barbara) and Isabella. Isabella having been born only six days before they arrived.
Fowler, JaneTudley & Cape, Kent, EnglandB1-Apr-1857at Sydney
Gilbert, William1-Sep-1839at SydneyArrived in Sydney on the ship Cornwall
Gledhill, Joseph WilliamApr-1886at Sydneyon the ship "Aberdeen"
Goodburn, William AmbroseFolkestone, Kent, EnglandBcirca 1835"70 years in Australia"
Hayles, Mary AnnHampshire, EnglandB
Hodge, Priscilla
Hoogerdijk, BastiaanWaddinxveen, NetherlandsB28-Mar-1951Bastiaan Hoogerdijk and wife Neeljte plus their 2 children Pieter and Dirk emigrated to Australia on 28.3.1951 and arrived in Australia 5.5.1951 on the ship Johan van Olden Barneveld. They left from Amsterdam and arrived in Sydney.
They were boarded in a camp at Bathurst on 6.5.1951 and stayed there for approx 4 weeks then went to Greta and stayed for almost a week. They then settled in Bowral No. 2 Funston St. They lived here for approx 2 years before moving to Chipchase Park near Bowral where they built their first family home.
After this they moved to Moss Vale where they lived on a property called Trelm which was owned by Sir Malcolm Ritchie. They moved to Berrima roughly about 1959 (Melbourne St) and moved to Unanderra in November 1961.
Hubber, MatildaPerranzabuloe, Cornwall, EnglandBcirca 1860Very approximate arrival date in Australia
Judge, HarriettEnglandB27-Jul-1839at Sydneyon "Strathfieldsaye" with their three children
Leech, EdwardWellington, Herefordshire, EnglandB9-Jan-1855at SydneyEdward leech and his family arrived on the "Queen of England"
Lewis, William RobertWorcester, EnglandB30-Dec-1856at Sydneyon the ship Conway           
Livingston, JamesArgyllshire, ScotlandB
McFarlane, CharlesGlasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandBcirca 1831at SydneyApproximate date of arrival in Sydney
Morrison, Ronald StewartReading, Berkshire, EnglandB1964at Broadmeadows
Morrison, William ErnestBallaquaggan, Malew, Isle of ManB
Murdoch, GeorgeGlasgow, Lanarkshire, ScotlandB9-Oct-1848on ship "Castle Eden"
Murray, PeterMonaghan, IrelandBcirca 1860
Northey, AlfredHea, Cornwall, EnglandB12-Oct-1864at AdelaideAdamant, barque, 815 tons (a miner from Cornwall)
Skinner, AlfredSouthborough, Kent, EnglandB1-Apr-1857at Sydney
Skinner, George1-Apr-1857at Sydney
Thomson, JamesEnglandB1806James, Eliza and 5 children arrived as free settlers on the "William Pitt"
Trott, John DollinDunster, Somerset, EnglandB
Trott, William HenryDunster, Somerset, EnglandB28-Dec-1884at SydneyHe arrived in Sydney on "Kildare" with William Henry Trott and William's family.
Ward, EmilyNether Hallam, Yorkshire, EnglandB11-Jul-1884at Sydneyon ship "Abergeldie"
Warren, Richard RobinsBristol, Gloucestershire, EnglandBDec-1852at Port PhillipPossible arrival on the ship Washington Irving, although his age is shown as 21 years (not RR Warren's age of 16)
Welsh, ElizabethCork, IrelandBcirca 1839Approximate date of arrival in Sydney, base on death certificate.